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International sales consulting expert. 

"Our approach is simple, provide great sales consulting advice based on our 360 sale model. Being a sales consultant is a passion and I love helping our clients see success!" - Ryan Dohrn, Sales Consultant




Sales consulting is a unique science of real life experience and a detailed knowledge of what technology can do to benefit any company large or small.

Ryan Dohrn is an award winning nationally acclaimed sales consultant and business speaker. He is the founder of Brain Swell Media,  providing sales consulting and sales training advice to companies large and small around the globe. No budget is to small or project to large.

There is an SEO expert on every corner.  Internet consultant and business speaker Ryan Dohrn has a proven record of helping business owners save time, save money and grow organic SEO in less than 30 days! As a business speaker and internet consultant, Ryan provides, fast, fun and detailed advice on search engine optimization that will make business owners stand up and take notice!

"Most SEO advice is junk! Build a great site, match it up with search volume and watch your traffic grow. Be authentic and Google will reward you. " - Ryan Dohrn

Internet consultant and business speaker Ryan Dohrn teaches about social media success.  Years of experience coupled with tested methods brings business owners a realistic understanding of how social media will impact their business.  As a nationally acclaimed business speaker, Ryan has worked with companies large and small to better understand where social media fits in business plan with wasting time and money.

"There is a place for social media in every business strategy.  But, you must approach social media with care or you will turn a good thing bad fast! " - Ryan Dohrn

Internet sales and media guru shares his secrets to millions in ad sales!

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“Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. His energy and positivity are contagious. ”

Brian Beavers- The Advocate Magazine

“I appreciate his charisma, his guidance and his efforts. Any company large or small will benefit from his ad sales training.”

Nancy O'Brien, Aviation International News

"Ryan makes things happen both in audience and revenue...and he makes it fun."

Heather Nagel-Doughtie, Director Skirt Magazine

"Very impressed by Ryan's ability to teach our team how to incorporate all the new media options into our client presentations."

Kristy Gaconnier, Sales Manager, Dallas


Revenue growth in today's economy is mission critical.  Internet consultant and business speaker Ryan Dohrn teaches new ways to engage clients to spend money with your company.  Years of experience managing teams large and small combined with proven tactics gives business owners the results they need from their sales team.  As a business speaker and internet consultant, Ryan motivates groups large and small and helps them better understand they can make small changes and see huge results.

"It is not the big things that help you increase sales, it is the small changes that you make today that will impact your revenue tomorrow." - Ryan Dohrn

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International sales consultant, acclaimed speaker, Emmy winner, author, and digital media sales pioneer, Ryan Dohrn has been featured in USA Today, ABC, CBS, on Forbes.com and has made over 700 TV appearances and trained over 3,000 people around the globe. 

Ryan is more than an sales consultant, he is a teacher and a mentor to hundreds of business owners around the world.
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